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About Morocco

--Discovery Trips--
Those private Morocco tours are a balanced mix of time with an English-speaking driver/guide who will explain and lead will to cover not only the Sahara but  through it you will learn and discover how to find oneself and keep forever in the memory an idea of eternity. The desert, the true (regs and ergs), the dunes sand, the plates desert, the nomads of the desert under the tent, the mountains of the atlas, the GORGES of an extreme and wild beauty of the Moroccan south, the nomads of the mountain, the oases or the date palms marry with ochre of the ground and give impressionist tone of fabric, the wadis, the Kasbahs, Ksars, the medina, quiet testimonies this thousand-year-old know-how, the souks: weddings of the words, the colours and the perfumes......It is  ideal jourenys to appreciate the legendary hospitality of the Moroccans of the south, their culture, their life mode, and their traditions, strong images of imposing landscapes and historic sites which make the richness of the south

*Trip of 3days:Desert,Gorges.

*Trip of 8 days:Desert,Atlas mountain and Gorges

*Trip of 8 days:Desert and Imperial cities

*Trip of 11 Days:Imperial cites,Desert,Altas mountains

--Discover the desert on your own--